In Salon, Autumn/Winter 2018

The first quarter of the year has been a great success for our salon.  In march we participated in the Words Greatest Shave and help raise over $1000 on the day though sausage sizzles, face painting and of cause the shaving! We shaved 36 brave people and had over 400g of donated ponytails.  We have also had a few renos done, new floor was laid down over the Christmas – New Year break and its wearing in nicely.  New fish tank for our little fishy friends, they moved from a small 2ft tank to a spacious 4ft tank and they are loving it. We have also welcomed a new staff member this year and extended our opening hours.

We want to say welcome to our new staff members, its great to have fresh faces in salon.  We are now open three late nights, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday by appointment until 9pm.  Wednesday’s are now open for appointments, starting in May. Though we are still closed on public holidays and for our Salon Training days.  One Monday each month we attend training, this enables us to grow and refine our skills with our CPR Colours, so we can continue to bring you our best.

We are continuing our success, by going more environmentally friendly as of May.  After taking a good look at our waste in salon we have implemented new procedures.  Cotton towels are replacing our micro-fiber ones, helping to keep plastic fibres out of our water ways.  All our cardboard and plastic waste is now heading to a recycling centre, and we are encouraging clients to bring back their used bottles of product, so we can recycle the plastics.  Every returned product bottle earn you $1 to spend on retail products in salon.  We are also moving from coffee pods, to ground beans to help minimise our non biodegradable waste we create.  (used ground coffee is great in the garden to help keep snails and slugs at bay, its also a great for the plants)  We feel that its time to change the way our salon affects our environment.

Look forward to hearing more from us in the coming months as we bring about these changes and continue our journey.

❤️ The Subets Team

In Salon: May-June

We have been busy these last few months, here is what we have been up to…

In March we had a great response for our Worlds Greatest Shave event held here at the salon. With many people coming down to shave or colour their hair in support of the Leukaemia Foundation.  Just on the day we raised over $300 from our sausage sizzle and shave.  And collectively our shave/colours raised over $10,000.

In April we invited to  fashion/art shows to showcase our skills with hair.  We have also been focusing on growing our YouTube channel: Subets. Where we have been posting weekly hair videos for everyone to enjoy. We also said hello to a new staff member, Alyce.  Alyce is in limited days at the moment due to other commitments, but we are hoping as her days book up she will be in salon more often.  Alyce is a skilled beauty therapist as well as a great hairdresser.


What is to come in the next two months…

In May and June our focus is on continuing to grow our salon with both new staff and new clients and continue to provide our best level of service to you.  Our Product of the Month for May and June will be the CPR Frizzy Shine FX Spray, which helps tame fly aways and provides your hair with condition and protection.  We are giving you 10% Shine Fx when you buy in salon.

In June we will be launching our 2017-2018 Colour and Bridal collections. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for both these collections, or our Facebook page.  We will be working closely with CPR Hair to create these collections and bring them to you.


Thank you for your continuing support,

The team at Subets

In Salon: March

Worlds Greatest Shave


Once again Subets is hosting the registered shave event for Wynnum and the Bayside!

Come down to our salon on Saturday 18th March at 11am-1pm to be apart of the fun.
We will be having a great Raffle and a Sausage Sizzle with all proceeds going to the Leukaemia Foundation.

Product of the Month: Phase 1

Welcome to the first of our Product of the Month Blogs.

Each month as part of our Product of the Month promotion in salon, we will be releasing a monthly Blog to help you learn about our chosen home use product.  We love using our CPR ranges here in salon and we would like to show you why.

A little bit about CPR

CPR, also known known as Vitafive is an 100% Australian family owned business that began in 1963.They  pioneered the use of natural technology in haircare.  The CPR range is created for Australia and its diverse range of people.  Their products are safe and gentle with no harmful sulphates or parabens.  Cruelty free, from the beginning, CPR have never tested on animals.

Our January Product of the Month Is CPR Frizzy Phase 1 Smoothing Crème.  Phase 1 is perfect for this time of year.  January is hot, humid and has extreme UV ratings. Through January  hair is exposed to many damaging things including,  heat,  solar UVA and UVB damage, salt water and Chlorine.  Humidity exaggerates this making normal hair unmanageable, dry and looking worn out, not to mention the numerous fly aways. Coloured hair suffers further, loosing it’s brightness and shine, with all these factors impacting the colour, it is harder to maintain a fresh looking colour without the right protection.

Through January we are recommending the home use of Phase 1 to help you combat these common summer hair problems. when you come in salon we have 10% off the RRP of our Phase 1.


About our Product of the Month: Phase 1

The Frizzy range of products to helps calm and control frizzy, curly, unruly and rebellious hair.  The Frizzy range consists of 6 products.  Starting with a Sulfate-free Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner, an Intensive Treatment, Phase 1 smoothing creme, Jojoba Oil Treatment Serum and an Organic Argan Oil Gloss Finish Spray.  This month we are focusing on Phase 1 Smoothing creme, which is perfect for coarse, porous, wavy, curly and frizzy hair.

The active ingredients that create the beneficial 5 way protection:

#1 Colza Oil, – extracted from the seed of the Colza plant which is part of the family of plants that make rapeseed and canola oil,( the “can” in canola coming from “Can” in Canada where almost 90% of canola oil is grown and produced.  Colza oil is incredibly high in Vitamin E and is a non drying oil.  It is essential in creating Phase 1’s heat protection, which protects up to 230’C.  Colza oil also helps to modify surface tension, helping Phase 1 penetrate the hair and maintain moisture.  It has been used to help calm rough seas during search and rescue, as it spreads into a fine water repellent layer, helping reduce waves and surface spray.  This smoothing and sealing quality makes it great for adding shine and softness to your hair. Creating layer of  anti static and anti humidity protection.


#2 Panthenol, or pantothenic acid is also known as provitamin B5.  It is a deeply penetrating moisturiser with its double handed properties helping to both repel or attract and lock in moisture in the hair.  Panthenol being a fine light weight oil, helps to evenly distribute Phase 1 into the hair. Going deep in past the cuticle to the Cell membrane which keeps the cuticle layer to the cortex(internal strength) of the hair. By keeping the cuticle tight and smooth panthenol enhances light reflection and discourages tangles.  Panthenol is soluble in both water and alcohol, making it a very versatile added moisturiser in the hair industry and this means it does not build up in your hair.

Both these active ingredients work together and compliment each other creating Phase 1’s 5 way protection.

Protecting against, Heat, Humidity, UVA and UVB, Salt and Chlorine water.

When styling, Phase 1 has a light hold factor, helping to keep your curls soft, reducing fly aways and static.  This hold factor is also useful in holding the hair smooth once straightened.  Most hot styling tools currently on the market, have a maximum temperature of 210’C, Phase 1 protects your hair right up to a maximum temperature of 230’C, giving you 100% heat protection. We still recommend added heat protection for coloured hair, to protect the colour and help it last longer.

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Blow-dried smooth with Phase 1 as the styling and heat protection. 

Blow-dried and then GHD Curled with Phase 1 as the styling and heat protection.